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Honeywell Announces New Sensing & Productivity Solutions Partner, idpac

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idPac's Integrated Connected Freight Solutions With Honeyewell and Intel Provides Cost Saving Eyes on the Inside

What you don't know can cost you at any point when shipping.  That's why Honeywell and Intel have teamed up with idPac to bring you deeper, broader insight into the condition of your freight throughout it's journey.  Connected Freight is a shipment monitoring solution we idPac integrates that gives you the data you need, as precise as you need it - even down to the package level - in time to make a real difference for your customers, your bottom line and worldwide consumers and manufacturers.

idPac designs, integrates and manages reliable global enterprise-wide solutions that lean companies must have today to be competitive and increasingly count on especially when it comes to emerging Artificial Intelligence (AI) and (IOT) developments on the Internet of Things.

idPac Rigorously Tests and Integrates Enterprise Wide RFID-AIDC Product Tracking Solutions

idPac integrates hardware, software and overall barcoding, labeling, printing and packaging solutions providing today's companies the edge they need to better track and trace their products through automation.

idPac also provides RFID-AIDC real time architectural  advice for varying sized system-wide solutions that maximize company operations while minimizing production downtime.

Proven Quality In Which You Can Place Your Trust

What idPac has mastered over the last 20 years working with companies like  Ford, Boeing, Merck, Monsanto, Cargill, Armour, Newell Rubbermaid, Husqvarna, General Electric, Hanes, Nike, or Walt Disney compared with more localized interests like Companion Bakery, the City of Cleveland Airport System and the Jacksonville Suns, is that one size-fits-all approaches never help specific businesses or entities from reach their full potential.

Our services are designed to meet your company labeling, automated manufacturing and subsequent product distribution real time tracking needs.  No matter the company or project size.


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